ORDO BYANTINUS SANCTI SEPULCHRI [OBSS] is a sovereign, Dynastic Order of Chivalry which recalls the values of Christian Chivalry and forms part of the historical heritage of religious-chivalric Orders, particularly the Greek-Orthodox Order of the Holy Sepulchre, the first Order of the Byzantine Empire founded in A.D. 325 by Constantine the Great, son of St. Helen.

For those who may be interested in joining the Order there are regular Investiture Ceremonies being held in Europe and North America. For more details please telephone 001 416 236 7711 to contact the Canadian Priory , the office of Niall Good, Baron of Byzantium K.G.C., O.B.S.S, M.A. (TCD), M.B.A., Ph.D.

OBSS underwent modifications in its structure and decorations. The present decoration consists of a Cross potent enameled in red with gold border, with four small Crosses enamelled in silver with gold border adjoining the four sides.

OBSS was reorganized in 1821, in 1919, in 1943, in 1965, in 1987 and in 1995 and adapted to present day requirements by Magistral Decree of 2 January 2001.

On 5 December 1986 the Head of the Name and Arms of the Rjurik Dynasty, Grand Master of the Order, broke with tradition in the absence of direct heirs and nominated Lieutenant Grand Master, Grand Cross Alfred Josef Baldacchino, Prince Grand Master ad vitam and Supreme Head of the Order.

On 4 March 1988 The Grand Duke by an "Act of Declaration and Passage", decreed as follows:

"WE HAVE DECIDED to renounce, by a substantial Act of Declaration and Passage, to the jus imperii,to the jus gladi to the jus maistatis on the ORDO BYZANTINUS SANCTI SEPULCHRI, in favour of H.M.E.H. Alfred Josef Baldacchino who as Prince Grand Master, has been recognized by Us as Supreme Head of the Order and thus the only holder of the above mentioned rights".

On 12 October 1989 the Grand Duke, endorsing the unanimous Petition from the Magistral Council of the Order, proclaimed H.M.E.H Prince Alfred Josef Baldacchino di Gagry His adopted Son and dynastic Successor, in virtue of a Testamentary Act of Dynastic Adoption, conferring on Him as dowry the ORDO BYZANTINUS SANCTI SEPULCHRI.

On 6 August 2000 the Grand Duke renounced and transferred in absolute perpetuity His Sovereignty and fons honorum over the in favour of H.M.E.H. Prince Alfred Josef Baldacchino di Gagry and His legitimate Successors.

These four Imperial Decrees, together with other historical documents, have been enrolled in the records of a Public Notary in Rome by the Grand Duke and the Prince Grand Master. A notarised copy is deposited in the Archives of the Order in Malta.

Following these developments the new Statute was promulgated by Magistral Decree dated 2 January 2001, Feast of St. Basil, Patron saint of the Order.

The Order enjoys special privileges and recognitions in various countries, where it is recognized as a Sovereign, Dynastic Order of Chivalry. In virtue of its characteristics the ORDO BYZANTINUS SANCTI SEPULCHRI enjoys the attributes and prerogatives of a Subject of International Law,


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